Considering Pets When Buying a Home

When I was looking to buy a home three years ago, my pets’ happiness was high on my priority list. Is the yard big enough for my dogs to enjoy but still small enough to take care of? Will my indoor cats have enough windows to look out of? Will I have enough room for the cat furniture? Will my canary be in a safe, non-drafty area?

Chances are, I’m not alone in asking these types of questions. Pets have become integral members of our families, and because of this, many believe that they deserve a dream home just like we people do!

One of the best things to do to ensure that your pets will be happy in your new dwelling is to think about their routines now. Do you walk your dog every morning, rain, snow, or shine? If so, then a big yard probably isn’t necessary. If you have a cat, is he or she used to wandering the neighborhood? If so, then is the one that you’re looking at relatively safe? What is the speed limit for the neighborhood and the surrounding areas? How have you observed people driving around the area?

Once you find that perfect home for you and your pets, you’ll have new considerations for both of you. If you’re moving across states like we did, you’ll have to consider how to safely transport them over long distances and decide where you will be able to get them out to walk around for a bit if able to be leashed. Regardless of how far you travel to your new home, you will need to give the pets the time and space to check out the new home and/or yard on their own.

Moving is a stressful experience for humans and pets alike. However, you can minimize the stress for pets if you ensure that they’re able to keep up their old routines in a different home. So, before you move, ask yourself what are the daily routines that your pet is used to and be sure to plan those same experiences in your schedule so that they can start to see that everything is okay.

Of course, once you settle in to your new home, it’s likely that your pets will surprise you and develop some new routines of their own!

For example, my Labrador Retriever, Lucy, adopted the master bathroom as her very own space shortly after we moved into the new house. She enjoys hanging out in there so much that I have renamed this room “the doghouse.”

And that, my friends, is how you know that this house has become your best friend’s home!

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