Moving: A Short Story

In 2016, I was on the official countdown: 10 days until I left my long-time Ohio home forever and settled into my new home in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Even though that was four years ago now, I still remember my brain on overdrive. Did I do everything right? I had a moving company by that point, but would everything get there okay? And what about my pets? Would we all survive the 9-hour trip? And how in the world would I ever get these last items packed and ready to go before the movers showed up in 9 days? And would everything in the new house be ready for us? (Turns out: it wasn’t–the water got turned off!) There are so many moving parts, so it’s very easy to panic.

The great thing about my life now as a REALTOR® is that I get to help people avoid all those questions and last-minute panic situations. (Okay, well, at least some of them!)

Specifically, I’m excited to be launching my concierge service, which will help you plan your move and find the professionals to help. So, if you’re ready to move, go ahead and give this service a try and let me know if your moving story is different than mine!

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