Rad Round Knoxville: Fantasy of Trees Memories

I love taking pictures. In part, it’s so that I always have the memories. I can often remember the sights, and sounds surrounding all of the pictures that I take, too. It was fun for me to take this trip down memory lane since we can’t see Fantasy of Trees in person this year, and I hope that you enjoy it as well.

Even though we can’t be together, it still is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Enjoy this joyful season!

Rad Round Knoxville: Adopt a Shelter Dog and Help Other Shelter Dogs, too!

female and male runners on a marathon

Check out our video where Lily and I share our story of how we became furever friends and how we’re still helping shelter dogs during the month of October. Have you adopted a shelter dog? We’d love to hear your story and see pictures of your rescue as well!